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“Keep it up, it’s a real pleasure to read you! It helps me a lot in my professional and personal life. There is not enough discomfort in our lives, it is our duty to put ourselves in it to progress and come out stronger and bigger.”

We Need to Stop Living Easy Lives

As men, we’re fueled by challenges, growth, and contribution. We get none of this when we live lives that are too comfortable, when we never test our mettle.

When we default to laziness and easy choices, we rob ourselves of fulfilling our potential. We don’t serve the world as well as we could. We never explore what we’re capable of. We lose a sense of purpose and confidence in our abilities.

When we practice voluntary discomfort and do hard things, we grow. We use our strengths and talents to make a difference. Through practicing voluntary discomfort, we build self-discipline, grow mental toughness, and achieve meaningful results.

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